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The ultimate list of the best European interior design blogs

1- The Design Sheppard

Stacey started the blog as a way to keep track of all her interior design finds. Her passion for everything interior has transformed her personal scrapbook into one of the most loved and followed blogs in the UK.

Her posts are inspirational and well written. The site is easy to navigate and beautiful to look at. If you had to select only one interior blogger to follow, we’d suggest you pick The Design Sheppard.


2- BlueBerry Home

Blueberry Home is a french website run by a blogger and mum, Aurèlie. She is passionate about home design and interior decor. In her website you will find loads of home ideas articles, you will be able to make virtual tours in different houses or find inspirational pictures and suggestions. We hardly suggest you to check Blueberry Homes because it’s extremely on top of trends. You will find there all the latest and hottest topics about interior design. The websites offers also a section dedicated to kids furniture, which looks fabulous!  After all, Aurèlie is a mum, and also kids deserve the best interior design for their rooms.


We all are aware that Italians have a very good taste. From food, to clothes and of course interior design. You should take a look at this Italian home design website. Elisabetta is the founder of the site. She is an architect and interior designer. We loved the fact that she is also a traveller, and so she reflects also this passion in her website. Indeed, you can find a section dedicated to her travels. ITALIANBARK includes many different categories, from interior trends to home tours, Interior tips, original interiors, and also the section “buy it”, where you can find some products on sale. Due to the fact Elisabetta works as interior designer, if you are curious about her talent, you will also find a section dedicated to her personal project works. ITALIANBARK, even tough the name may say the opposite, is entirely written in english. So , no excuses, go and check it out!

4-Droom Home

Let’s move in Dutch territory, so for all the dutchies out there, this could be something interesting for you! We know that dutch design it’s all about feeling “Gezellig”…and Droom Home won’t disappoint you if you want to find your favorite gezellig (Cosy) idea of design. The website is divided in home categories: Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Floor, Interior, Fireplaces and Garden.  In each category you can find plenty of related articles which are about product descriptions, tips and reviews. We suggest you to visit the Droom Home also for another nice offering  of the website, which is the “Brochure” section. You will be able to find and eventually order many different FREE brochures from a variety of designers. The website offers also a section dedicated to sales and discounts, where you will find the best offers from different design websites, so if you are searching for cheap design we would recommend you to visit their discount section.

5- Design House Stockholm

Are you a fan of Scandinavian Design? Then you will find all you need in this website. Design Stockholm House offers a very large variety of Scandinavian design products. You will find a long list of designers and architects and all their design products. A nice feature of this website is that each picture of a product showed is available for download, you can save high resolution images, and read a short story about the object and his designer. If you want to buy some of those products you will find a page on the website linking to all the existent physical stores in the world, and all the online stores. You definitely have to take a look at this wonderful nordic designs.


Here we are with another Inspirational website. In this case the website works like a platform where people can share upload and download. The websites offers very beautiful and high resolution pictures about nicely decorated and furnished rooms, where different products  are tagged. So if you like one particular product of the picture, you can follow the link and end on the designer’s page and eventually buy the product. But Roomstyler is not only about suggestions, this websites gives you also the opportunity to be active. This is why we love their style! One of its features is the possibility to participate in contests, here people can vote for what’s their favorite home design item between many, related to a specific theme. Also, the most unexpected (and fun) activity in the website is the “3D Room planner”….have you ever dreamed of being an architect? you can try out this feature and create your own virtual house! Go and have some fun on Roomstyler!

7-Apartment apothecary

Let’s now move to England! If you are more a type of persona that likes intimate and personal blogs, check what Katy Orme created. Apartment Apothecary, a wonderful  and really personal design blog, where she daily posts about home decor. She wants to share ideas about how to make your house look better, offering you tips for helping you getting the perfect house you always wanted! Apartment Apothecary has also a category dedicated to DIY and Crafting, one to plant and flowers, and a section dedicated to all the seasonal designs. It’s also possible to shop some lovely products on her website. We totally agree with her motto, so follow it and make your home feel better!

8- Residence


Residence is another dutch websites. In this case the genre is not strictly focused around interior design , but it features also art and travel. It has the structure of a magazine, and offers an exciting mix of styles from all over the world. A special property section highlights also exclusive residential properties currently on the market.  The magazine is divided in topics, including Interior design, with a different dedicated section for each room of the house. You will find interesting articles about different design topics, and you will also be able to follow links to the shops, if you may be interested in buying any particular product mentioned. We really suggest you this online magazine if you have a sense of fine taste, a critical eye, a flamboyant creative hand, and an enterprising spirit

9-Avenue Lifestyle


This is another hidden pearl for blog lovers. Avenue Lifestyle is a blog run by Holly Marder, interior design journalist and stylist focusing on interiors and editorial productions.  Why we recommend you her blog? Her prints, stylings or photography works can be seen in many famous European magazines and she was one of 16 of Europe’s most prominent bloggers. Well, definitely a relevant background!  The Blog has also a dedicated section to workshops. Holly organizes periodically some interesting meetings made to share photography and home decor passion together.What you can find on Avenue Lifestyle Blog is the reflection of it’s owner passion for documenting people’s homes and stories that go with them through imagery and words.  Aside from this, Holly also works decorating homes, she offers help for consultancy and home re-styling works.  So Avenue Lifestyle becomes  the place where to document inspirational finds, share projects, beautiful images and snippets of work and life. Are you curious to see Holly’s projects and pictures ? We would suggest you to discover her talent…

10- Atmine


Are you looking for something similar to Pinterest or Instagram for interior design inspirations? Then you definitely have to register on Atmine. It’s another inspirational home design website which gives you the option to follow, save and share what you like, exactly like Pinterest or other similar platforms. The original thing is that you can also follow real people that post images of their own houses and design ideas. In this way you can take inspiration from other design lovers like you and share the passion.  In the section “Explore” you will find a lot of different categories, and each one has a variety of wonderful interior design pictures , perfect for daily inspiration! In the section “Home Stories”  you can discover home tours, trends of the community and style stories, and even post your own one. Atmine offers also the possibility to shop what you like by finding the furniture sources, readily tagged in all the pictures.

11- Home & Garden


And let’s go further with another Dutch website. We know that dutch people love their gardens, maybe even more than their houses. If you also like to take care of your garden, as well as your home decor, check out Home&Garden. This website gives large space to gardens, outdoor design, verandas and terrace furniture and decor. You will find also interesting tips on plants maintenance. After all, the garden is a fundamental part of a house, especially in spring and summer. This is a perfect timing for gaining some “outdoor” inspiration and showing everyone your wonderful garden!

12- Ergenstussenin



Come and meet Eliza! She is a creative girl from Belgium and has made her blog become her passion in life. Writing about Interior design, home decorations and everything concerning “beautiful things” it’s the purpose of her blog. On Ergenstussenin you will find weekly articles related to various topics, with suggestions, tips, stories, inspirations and much more. For example, do you want to know how to paint your kitchen, which ones are the best chairs for your dining room or the best products for the Spring, tips on how to decorate your terrace, how to set up a wonderful Christmas Table and to perfectly package your gifts or how to create wonderful and original picture frames? Then here you will find the answers and also many mores! Loads of interesting articles are waiting you on Ergenstussenin. The website it’s divided into the section Hotspot, Interior, Styling&Decor and Projects, so to categorize the different articles in the appropriate section. More than just a design website, Ergenstussenin can be considered as Eliza personal diary that she wants to share with you. She will keep you company while you read her nice and friendly articles.

13- L’Essenziale


L’Essenziale means “essential, the most important thing”, and this blog is dedicated to fundamental elements of interior design such as: design process, history of styles, decorating news and trends, ideas and inspirations. This is how Anna Kovalchenko, the founder of the website, defines her Blog. Are you curious about how the idea of design it’s interpreted by a Russian girl? Anna is from Moscow but she considers herself an International person, because she lived for years in different exotic islands and also in London where she got a Diploma in Interior Design. On L’Essenziale you will find many of Anna’s design Projects and Works about the different Apartments in Moscow that she re-styled. A mixture of nordic cold Russian furniture and warm exotic design from the islands….sounds good ? Take a look at L’Essenziale!

14- Kate Young Design


Could you think of an Interior Design which mixes Scandinavian and Bohemian style? well, Scandi-Boho is the original look, that the blogger Kate Young gave to her house. Scandinavian design is about less and bright colors, maintaining a very clean and simple design. Instead, boho it’s more an explosion of colors and a use of mixed and mostly natural materials. The perfect combination? Little colors with bohemian materials and forms. Kate Young is an Interior Stylist who lives in the south of England, since she was 8 she always breathed interiors. Her passion for design ended in her Blog where she shows this perfect mix between Scandinavian and Bohemian Style. On Kate Young Design you can see pictures of her house, and also buy some products. You’ll find a whole load of inspiration. Go and check!

15-Lost and Layers



Lost and Layers it’s the personal blog of a creative girl. Sarah reflects there, her passion for fashion chronicles, lifestyle diaries and the things she get inspired every day. On her blog you can find different categories like Lookbook where all your curiosities about the latest fashion trends will be fulfilled, Wanderlust where you will read interesting articles about travels and, Lifestyle category and even a section dedicated to Food. And of course the category Interior, where she shares her personal tastes about interior design with original articles and loads of inspiring pictures. Don’t forget to check also her Instagram for even more wonderful pics!


16- BoulevardB



Let’s meet a blogger which could be considered a Crowdyhouse’s neighbor. Barbara Natzijl lives in Amsterdam, she works as a freelance editor for famous interior design Magazines like vtwonen, Elle Decoration, at home, 101 Woonideeën en Flair. On her blog BoulevardB, Barbara likes to share all the inspiring things she discovers during her work and hopefully help others to get inspired too. If you are a fan of simple lines, bright and clean design, you will totally love what you can find on this blog!

17- Fresh Design Blog



Here we are in UK Territory. This blog is run and edited by freelance interiors and property writer Rachel Newcombe. Fresh Design blog is updated regularly with fabulous finds and inspiration for home and garden. You can find articles regarding single products reviews, or about entire rooms and living spaces decorative ideas. All the products mentioned in the articles are linked to the respective source so that it’s possible to buy those eventually. The Blog itself offers also a Shop section where Fresh Design Blog sells the designs that finds more appealing for his audience. If you’re in for online shopping you should take a look. 

18- Design Therapy



Are you a fan of clean, simple and elegant home decor? Then, this beautiful Italian Blog will surely satisfy your curiosity. Light and sober colors are the main protagonists in this website. Design Therapy gives you a feeling of freshness and spring air. You will find here the most beautiful Italian designs inspirations. The website offers also some interesting articles about some common home topics. Raw materials, influences from Scandinavian style and clean design, it’s what Manuela, the blog founder, finds inspiring and wants to share with the design world. Definitely, one of the best inspirational Interior design Blogs out there!