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21 of the Most Charming Farmhouse Style Homes of All Time

(Image credit: Lauren Kolyn)


You don’t have to live in the country to reap the calming, soothing benefits of farmhouse style decor. This style—which thanks to Chip and Joanna GainesPioneer Woman, and more has become ultra popular in recent years—can be translated to just about any type of home. Yes, rustic wood beams, farmhouse-style sinks and other building elements can go a long way to making a home give off farmhouse style vibes, but there are other decor elements that can do the heavy visual lifting, too.

If you’re not blessed with traditionally farmhouse style architecture, gravitate toward rustic wood pieces you can incorporate, like big tables, chairs, and even smaller accessories. Install industrial-style, simple overhead lighting. Find some chicken wire or metal ceiling tiles to add into a vignette, even if you don’t physically install them. The important thing to keep in mind is that you’re not trying to copy a specific look.. .it’s really about capturing the farmhouse feeling.

Farmhouse style homes (yes, even those ones that teeter closer into modern or bohemian decor territory) have a soothing simpleness to them that has nothing to do with the amount of “stuff” that may be in the home. Like how I imagine living in the country might be, farmhouse style homes produce a feeling of life moving just a little bit slower. Of nature never being too far away. Of working hard and resting deeply.

Below, 21 of the most inspiring, charming farmhouse style homes:

(Image credit: Arthur Garcia-Clemente)

1Cozy Farmhouse Style in Chicago

“The original inspiration came from the house in Vermont in the movie Baby Boom, from 1986. The warmth and coziness of this home inspired Spiro. When we met, Spiro was living as a country bumpkin in NYC. Nick was inspired by the character and coziness of country living, but wanted more of a masculine and industrial aesthetic. By combining our ideas, floral prints became plaids, and our interpretation of the perfect farmhouse became what it is today. Coming home to our version of a country ‘house’ in the big city is the perfect retreat.”

(Image credit: Eva Deitch)

2. A Farmhouse Industrial Style Home in the Hudson Valley

“I found myself really appreciating how lovely and unique various styles can be when paired together: old + new, vintage + modern, farmhouse + industrial. I love mixing to create a look and feel that is my own.”

3. A Dreamy, Rustic, Eclectic 1729 Yorkshire Farmhouse

This large, beautiful farmhouse sits within a little parcel of land that is also home to hens, pigs, and Maud the caravan. As part of a village estate, this unique rental property allows the family a lifetime lease and the security of a permanent home without the maintenance and upkeep costs that usually come with such an old building.

4. Ashe & David’s Australian Farmhouse

“I love, love, love my upcycled kitchen island bench, which has been wrapped with 50-year-old rainwater tank stands from a farm down the road. Also, the restored 1902 claw foot bath turned out so good.”

(Image credit: Kristan Lieb)

5. Andrea & Elliott’s Funky Farmhouse Outside of Chicago

“Our 125-year-old petite farmhouse’s interior blends cottage style with a dose of mid-century modern, a smidge of garage sale finds, and a dash of family antiques.”

(Image credit: Arthur Garcia-Clemente)

6. Cozy Farmhouse Style, Evolved

Nick and Spiro’s dream has always been to live in an authentic, rustic, New England farmhouse, in a place far from the city and under a starry night sky. But while they still live in Chicago, there’s nothing stopping them from bringing that feeling to a second floor classic Chicago walk-up, on a tree-lined street in a quiet part of the Edgewater neighborhood.

7. 25 Years In, This Modern Farmhouse Decor is Perfection

Farmhouse style accents like wooden chests and dried wheat honor my grandfather who owned a farm in North Dakota, and family heirlooms like the Eames-style lounge chair are displayed prominently. Even with so many unique accents, the house feels light and airy because of the predominately white walls and neutral decor.

8. A Blogger’s Recently Remodeled Farmhouse Modern Georgia Home

“While our style is very much modern farmhouse, our house is more of a traditional home built in the ’80s. So, our biggest challenge is incorporating the things we love while still trying to preserve the actual style of the home.”

(Image credit: Diana Paulson)

9. A Serial Entrepreneur’s Recently Renovated Modern Farmhouse

Classic design elements mingle with an atmosphere of minimalism in the family house. “As an avid collector and vintage seeker, a good portion of items sprinkled and installed throughout our home are found goods. All tell a story of sorts and I think it makes a unique conversation for wandering guests when they come to visit.”

10. A Breezy, Cheeky Canadian Country Home

She wanted the home to remain more “farmhouse” in mood and design than “cottage.” Built on a foundation of white, the space feels bright and airy. The use of windows, especially along the east side of the home toward the lake, adds to the openness. And finally, a harmony between outdoor and indoor living is essential and ever present.

11. Drinking (and Decorating) with Chickens in a Quirky LA Farmhouse

“The house is 110 years old and was vacant for five years before we bought it as a foreclosure. It really should have been torn down but we pulled it back from the abyss.”

12. A Charming, Eclectic Farmhouse in Michigan

Built in 1940—with a mint green exterior and eggplant shutters—Kim and Patrick’s Cape Cod style house is steeped in history. “There has only been one owner prior to us and the land for the home was originally parceled from the lot belonging to the house next door. Two brothers living side by side with a little foot path connecting the two houses,” Kim describes. They were the first homes built in the area; most of the other houses date from the ’70s and ’80s. “The floors creak with every step and it gets drafty during the winter, but it is the coziest place we have ever lived.”

(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

13. A Modern-Meets-Farmhouse, DIY-Filled Chicago Haven

“Our style is modern/urban meets farmhouse. We’re inspired by so many things: Pinterest, Anthropologie, vintage-inspired hotels like Soho House, farmland, etc. We both grew up in rural Illinois, and we like bringing rustic pieces into the house. We are constantly inspired by resale and antique shops whenever we travel, and by our creative friends’ homes.”

14. A Modern Farmhouse-Style Historic Home

This home was once a farmhouse in the Historical District in Barrington, Illinois. When the Shoults family discovered the potential of the property, they were sold. With the help of a fantastic architect, who specializes in historical preservation, the family worked to create a gorgeous home while adhering to the architectural standards of the historical district.

(Image credit: Anik Polo)

15. Jean & Tennessee’s Nest Above the Lake in Switzerland

Upon entering their home, you are immediately struck by the different collections and interesting finds they have accumulated over the years. There are books everywhere and eclectic objects grouped together, and everything is unified by the lovely grey bleached wood furnishings.

(Image credit: Julia Steele)

16. A Cozy, “Southern Eclectic” Nashville Home

California natives Kaitie and Tyler wanted a change of pace, and Music City fit the bill. So they put down roots in Nashville about two years ago. At the time they were house hunting, real estate in Nashville was selling quickly. So quickly, they didn’t have a chance to fly out to look at this house before putting down an offer! They bought their 1924 home while still living in California after seeing photographs of it online.

(Image credit: www.saritarelis.com)

17. A Rustic & Refined California Ranch House

Inside, the 1959 California ranch house is graced with abundant natural light and a striking exposed-beam ceiling. Opting for the simple beauty of white and wood, they coated the walls and ceiling in fresh paint and added wide plank wood floors to warm the space. In the kitchen, the reclaimed wood cabinetry, clean lines, modern hardware, and bright white penny round tile evoke a rustic modern feel—a feel that is carried throughout her home, with hints of new traditional rounding out the decor.

18. An Heirloom-Filled Country Home in Australia

“If you ask my husband I think he’d say his favourite element is the old cattle grid, which is at the beginning of our driveway. We don’t have cattle obviously, but the area where we live used to be dairy farms so it’s safe to say it’s been there for a long time. Brett says that as he drives over the rattly grid each afternoon, he feels like he’s shaking off the work day.”

(Image credit: Emily Billings)

19. Kate & Nick’s Back-to-the-Land Vermont Home (and Yurt!)

There is something magical about Longest Acres Farm. You can sense it long before you set foot in Kate and Nick’s home, as you climb along windy country roads to an address even a GPS can’t place. Eventually, you reach an incredible clearing in the woods, nestled within 120 acres of Vermont hillsides. This is where Kate and Nick landed after leaving behind their corporate lives in San Francisco to take on a new life of farming and parenting.

(Image credit: Diana Paulson)

20. A Modern & Rustic Family Home in Michigan

Lauren defines the home’s style as very eclectic, taking inspiration from vintage, modern, farmhouse, and boho decor. “I can’t pick just one!” she says. She also has an eye for mixing different patterns, colors, and pieces. Because of that, her home is forever evolving. “I love having an eclectic style because I feel you can forever add and make changes to each space—anything goes!”

(Image credit: Aimée Mazzenga)

21. A Perfect Tiny “Modern Shed” in California

The design, architecture, landscaping and thoughtful details of this tiny California space come together to create harmony. You will be shocked at how much beauty lives inside its 364-square-foot frame. Nestled on the back of a gorgeous property just minutes from San Francisco, this tiny home serves as an oasis for traveling guests.

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)