35 Creative Wall Shelves Ideas 2019 – DIY Home Decor

More detail about 35 Creative Wall Shelves Ideas 2019 – DIY Home Decor that many of them suitable for your living room and some for bathroom.

Interesting wall shelves ideas for books, ornaments, displays or plants as you can see in Ikea, Walmart, Home Depot. The wall shelf, whether using a bracket hook or hanging independently, can be installed in a variety of rooms, but often placed in a living room that is used as a decoration or also places various kinds of room decor.

But there are also wall shelves placed in the kitchen, bathrooms that use it to store equipment related to the function of the room. There are so many type, naterial or styles, including wall shelves ideas with rustic, modern, vintage, simple, white, metal, wooden, glass, rims, round, hexagon, even abstract square.

Creating a unique wall shelf for plants can refresh your room due to the presence of natural elements in the room. In addition to being used as decoration, a shelf on the wall can also be used as a kind of shelf in a store to display products or goods sold.

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