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See how to decorate a big DIY Christmas tree but not just any Christmas tree design ideas, but a fun Grinch Christmas decoration idea! We make an easy DIY bendable big Christmas tree using existing fake Christmas tree branches. Decorate with us for Christmas and make this whimsical and creative whoville style Christmas decoration or lorax tree could be used for indoor or outdoor purposes. Dr. seuss’ the grinch themed Christmas decorations are so unique and fun looking we just had to give this Christmas decor idea a try. Even though you can purchase bendable Christmas trees we always love to try and create our Holiday decorations and props if we can. We didn’t bother decorating the backside of the tree so it would be perfect for a corner Christmas tree in the house. We actually had most of all the material needed for this Christmas decoration idea. If you love themed Christmas decoration ideas, ornaments, alternative and unique looking Christmas trees and are tired of the same old Rustic Tree, Coastal Tree, Flocked Tree, Modern Tree, Color-blocked Tree, Homespun Tree, or Vintage Tree then consider making this fun one. We made a large tree with jumbo colored ornaments but you could even make smaller versions of this grinch Christmas tree idea for colorful tabletop Christmas decor. You could still do this theme mostly as a DIY Dollar Tree Christmas tree as it is more about the tips and tricks instead of what we used. We hope you enjoy the video and get some decorating inspiration and ideas for decorating your Christmas tree for the Holidays and maybe even make your own grinchmas tree.

Here’s another fun themed Christmas tree decorating idea we did.
Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas | DIY Christmas Decorations | The Nightmare Before Christmas Theme

Black lights we used

cute christmas
busy christmas
christmas expectation

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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas | DIY Christmas Decorations | Grinch Christmas Tree | Whoville Tree