Decor! 11 Awesome Colorful Home Decor Ideas and Room Decorating Hacks

There is a saying – “Bless this mess”. But does it have to be a mess if you can easily turn your home into a lovely and cozy place with some cool DIY home decor hacks and room decorating ideas? Make an easy to do DIY jewelry tree, a potholder for your little plants or even a homemade sound amplifier! All of these decor ideas will surely make any house a lot cozier! Jump through the portal into our DIY world and stay tuned to see these and even more awesome tips and tricks!

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00:04 Pearl Vase
01:17 Mirror Portals
02:16 Moss Shade Lamp
03:15 Sound Amplifier
04:44 Jewelry Tree
05:44 CD Photo Stand
06:53 Tennis Racket Mirrors
08:07 Potholder
09:13 Soldiers Photo Frame
10:27 Paper Cup Lights

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