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Hi everyone! Today I will be showing how to DIY Dollar Tree Christmas decor! I hope this gives you decorating inspiration and ideas to decorate your home for the Holidays! Enjoy these super easy and cheap DIY Christmas decor ideas using items from Dollar Tree and home decor DIY mirrored wall sconces.

DIY #1 3 tier tray
-large silver and white plate set
-small silver and white plate set
– Red candle
– 3 5pc ornaments
– Candle holder
– Rhinestones
– Hot glue gun

DIY #2 poinsettia floral arrangement
– Ice bucket
– floral foam
– 5 bouquets of red poinsettias
– Ribbon

DIY #3 Poinsettia wreath
– white paint
– Foam brush
– Paper plate
– Floral wreath
– 5 bouquets of poinsettias
– Hot glue gun
– Ribbon
– Command hook

DIY #4 Candle Set
– 6 red candles
– 4 packs of faux snow
– 3 small cases
– 3 large vases

DIY #5 Christmas Tree
– 2 12pc mini ornaments
– 1 round mirror
– Silver flake glitter
– Foam brush
– Hot glue gun

DIY #6 Mirror Wall sconces
– gorilla construction adhesive
– 2 sets of ring hangers
– Drill
– 2 bookshelf from Hobby Lobby
– Exacto knife
– Hot glue gun
– crystal acrylic gem beads garland:
– 30 piece acrylic crystal beads (STYLE 2):
– Rhinestone wrap:
– Wood measurements: (2) 7.25” X 30”
– Mirror measurements: (2) 7” X 30”

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