DIY Halloween Props – Bubbling Witch’s Cauldron with Glowing Coals

Jaimie and Jay create an incredibly awesome bubbling witch’s cauldron with glowing coals for their Halloween decor!


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Halloween is almost here!!! We make lots of DIY Halloween props, decorations, and awesome stuff this time of year and this Witch’s Cauldron with glowing coals is the newest thing we’ve added to our DIY Halloween decor.

These Halloween props are relatively easy to make. There are a bunch of parts to this but each one is easy if you break it down into steps and follow our lead. If you’re looking for a fun weekend project to upgrade your Halloween decorations, this DIY project is perfect.

MATERIALS: (Working on finishing this…sit tight.)
Witch’s Cauldron
Ultrasonic Pond Foggers –
Spray Foam –
Orange String Lights –
Black Spray Paint –
Modge Podge –
Twine –
Plastic Bags –
Black Duct Tape –
Oatmeal –
Long Sticks
Metal Chain

TOOLS USED: (Working on finishing this…sit tight.)
Hot Glue Gun –
Paint Brushes