Thrifting BROADWAY Costumes! // DIY Musical Theatre Halloween Ideas for Cheap!

I said ‘Broadway’ even though there are a couple of off-broadway shows in the lineup this year. DEAL WITH IT. ROCK AND ROLL. BREAKING ALL THE RULES! (who let me have caffeine?)

🌻🌻 OPEN ME 🌻🌻

HI FRIENDS AND HAPPY SPOOKY SEASON! I feel like you can always spot a theatre kid at a costume party because they’re the ones who are WAAAY to into it— ya know what I mean?
Since this is our first halloween video this season, I thought we would make a little more interesting. And by interesting, I mean realistic.
For today’s video, I going to Thrift Broadway inspired halloween costumes. I’m allowed to use stuff I already have, BUT I’m going to give myself a $10 limit per costume to complete the outfit. AND if I need to fix or alter the costume pieces, I’m only going to give myself 20 minutes.
So this is the video for you if you’re short on time and cash— which let’s be real, that’s like everyone.

Hope you enjoy this theatre-y #Halloween #DIY Costume project!


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