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Blogging/vlogging tips for beginners including what to blog about.
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A viewer wrote in asking what I recommend for someone looking to start a blog. That got me thinking about my own experiences running this site and my YouTube channel. Looking back at what I’ve been through, I can suggest five things to focus on as a new blogger. I set forth those blogging tips in today’s new video!

Be Authentic

One of my primary blog writing tips is to be yourself. People are not turning to you because you are an expert pediatrician or lactation consultant (unless you are one of those things). For expert information or general tips, folks will consult their own doctor or sources on the Internet, or they’ll peruse books. From you, they are looking for advice that comes out of your own experiences. So be yourself! This will make you a more appealing blogger to whom people can relate, and it’s easier to boot.

What to Blog About

Blog ideas are hard to come by, so you have to be flexible. My site and channel began as videos about caring for baby. I then went into pregnancy health, toddlers and kids. I have dabbled at fashion. And I’ve done recipes, more self-reflective type blogs, and of course lots of brand posts. Be creative and think outside the box, never saying “I could never.” Yes you can and yes you should!

Lower your Standards

Blogging is not about a being a network TV show, a professional on-air host, or a Vogue model. It’s about being a real person to whom people can relate. So take down your standards a bit and take the plunge even into topic areas you are just discovering yourself too. Do your best, and then hit the publish button and let go. If you belabor each and every blog post and video, you won’t be able to keep up with the constant flow of demands coming from your own life and from your blog.

Define your Voice

What is your medium? Do you like to film and appear in videos, to take photos or to write? Figure out in which way you are most comfortable expressing yourself. I try to organize my thoughts and give practical information, while laughing at all the mistakes I make along the way. Each of us has her own unique voice — tap into this voice, refining it as you grow your blog.

For even more blogging/vlogging tips for beginners, check out my video, and thanks so much for tuning into CloudMom.


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