Blogging Tips – How Journalists Write a Story

BLOGGING TIPS – HOW JOURNALIST WRITE A STORY// Writing for a newspaper or magazine, or how journalists write a story, is very similar to blog post writing.

You just have to consider your audience in blog post writing, and what the reader wants to hear from you. This blogging tips will teach you some of the basic on how journalists write a story and the techniques that I learned in journalism school, and how it can help you.

When you’re blogging or writing a blog post, you want to follow these tips to ensure that you understand the mechanics of journalism or how journalists write a story.

Journalists write a story using 5 W’s in journalism school, and these are the bedrock of news stories, articles, and TV news production.

Editors will routinely ask “What’s the Story?”

Use the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, AND WHEN TECHNIQUE to help you tell stories in your blog post writing because that is how journalists write a story…

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