My Biggest Blogging Tips | Christian Book Blogger

This video ended up being quite long, but it’s a chatty video with the hopes of it coming across as if we were at a tea shop just talking over tea. 🙂
Hopefully I made myself clear on these two questions of “How do I start a blog?” and “How do I get my blog popular?”. Once again, as I said many times in this video, I am so honored that so many of y’all have thought enough of me to ask these questions! I definitely am not annoyed or tired of receiving these questions, I just hope this video explains a little bit into the answers I have and my opinion of them. Please, please know that I do not intend to offend anyone and that I hope y’all will take with video and topic with the grace and advice that I offer. 🙂
Hugs to you all,

I blog every FRIDAY,
I post a new video every other THURSDAY,
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