Successful Blogging Tips, Authenticity And Longevity With Yaro Starak

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Almost 7 years ago, in Dec 2008, I started with the aim of helping authors like me who were self-publishing.

But I discovered that you can put your words into the world and no one will notice unless you learn some marketing (sound familiar?!).

So I started learning about how to make my site stand out, how to blog successfully and how to podcast. I learned all that from Yaro Starak and today I’m thrilled to be interviewing him.

Yaro Starak is a blogger, podcaster, speaker and entrepreneur at I took Yaro’s Blog Mastermind course back in 2008 and it changed my life. You can get Yaro’s Blog Profits Blueprint here.

Yaro’s start in the blogging world and the changes his site has gone through.

On whether content blogging and writing online are still viable.

How long it takes to make money blogging, and why it’s important to celebrate all our little wins, figure out what keeps you motivated and keep moving forward.

blogprofitsSetting goals and changing them as they are reached.

Authenticity and its effect on an audience.

Video and its advantages for those who are not writers.

Why practice with new mediums and technology and not judging ourselves matters.

On bloggers branching out into book publishing, including fiction.

On the global and local communities in blogging and internet marketing.

Yaro’s tips for maintaining a long entrepreneurial career.

You can get Yaro’s Blog Profits Blueprint at