12 tips for trading and making profits in a cryptocurrency bear market (In Hindi)

The bear market has considerably dulled the enthusiasm in the cryptocurrency market after the euphoric highs seen in 2017. While gains of 10000% were not uncommon in 2017, the entire crypto market cap has seen an 80% drop from its all-time highs earlier in January 2018. At the time of writing, the entire cryptocurrency market cap is hovering over $218 bn. However, a crypto bear market doesn’t mean that investors cannot make gains in this market. In this video, you will learn about 12 tips and strategies that you should follow for cryptocurrency trading in a bear market. By using these tips effectively, cryptocurrency investors will be able to make some good gains and mitigate losses.

Investors should note that the return of the bears is not necessarily a bad thing for the market. Bear markets almost always pave the way for a more healthy, sustainable rise in the market in the long run. Keep this in mind while you trade in these markets. These 12 tips are for new cryptocurrency investors and not for advanced investors. Advanced investors can use margin trading, shorting and swing trading, among other methods to make money in this market. However, this is not financial advice. Please do your own research and consult a professional financial advisor before investing.

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