Cryptocurrency Security (Things You Need to Do BEFORE Investing in Crypto)

Cryptocurrency Security Tips You Should Consider BEFORE Investing in Crypto!

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This video covers a few things you can do to secure your cryptocurrency investments. There are many security measures you can take that were not covered in this video.

Please share any crypto security tips you have in the comments below!

Unlike traditional financial instruments, cryptocurrencies do not have fail safes in place to protect you. Hackers or user-error can cause you to lose your cryptocurrency investments.

Remember: NEVER invest more than you can afford to lose when investing in something as risky as crypto.

Tip 1: Buy a Paper Notebook.

Tip 2: Use the Paper Notebook to Store All Crypto-Related Account Info & Create Paper Backups.

Tip 3: Scan Your Computer for Malware and Secure it with Cyber Security Software. Also Consider Keystroke Encryption Software.

Tip 4: Require a Password on Your Phone & a Passphrase to Request New SIM Cards. Never Publicly Display Your Phone Number or Cell Phone Provider Online.

Tip 5: Create Unique, Long, Secure Passwords for Each Crypto-Related Account. NEVER Store them on a Device Connected to the Internet. Store them in Your Paper Notebook (with Paper Backups!)

Tip 6: Create a New Email Address with a Unique Handle You’ve Never Used Before to Use Exclusively with Your Crypto Accounts.

Tip 7: Research, Research, Research to Learn which Wallets and Exchanges to Use when Investing in Cryptocurrency. Quadruple Check ALL URL’s and then Bookmark the URL’s to Access Safely. Beware of Fake Look-a-Like Websites!

Tip 8: Setup 2FA, or 2 Factor Authentication, for ALL Crypto-Related Accounts.

Tip 9: Learn How to Use Wallets and Exchanges to Complete Transactions Successfully. ALWAYS Use a Small Amount to Ensure Everything is Setup Correctly. Cold Hardware Wallets are the Safest.

Tip 10: Never Reveal Your Identity on Cryptocurrency Public Forums. Keep Your Identity and the Amounts You’ve Invested in Cryptocurrencies Secret.

Tip 11: Write Down Instructions in Your Paper Notebook on How to Access Your Funds in the Event of Your Death. Consider Creating a Will, Trust, or Other Document that Can be Legally Executed to Carry Out Your Wishes!

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