Cryptocurrency Tips – My Top #5 Money Making Tips For 2018!

In my top #5 cryptocurrency tips, you’ll learn how the top 1% of crypto investors make all the money!

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Hey Guys.. Gerald here with The Millennium Investor. I’m going to give you 5 very important cryptocurrency tips today.


Initial coin offerings come on top of my crypto tips 2018. There’s no doubt you can make a ton of money with ICOS, but you should know that you can also lose money. I highly recommend you to carefully research the company you’re looking to invest in. Take a look at their business model. Is it an established company with existing customers or a total start up? Companies with assets and results have a much greater chance of success than a company that’s starting from scratch. Seriously consider the product or service used for blockchain technology. Are there existing competitors with established blockchain technology? Answering this question will give you a good idea of the expected market capitalization of the ICO. Research the management and advisory board. Study the whitepaper. Once and only once you got all information about the ICO, you should consider an investment. What’s also important to know about ICOS is that even with great research, some will turn sour for different reasons. With that said, only invest an amount you can afford to lose. It’s best to invest in 5 – 10 ICOS instead of going all in with one.

#2 Undervalued cryptocurrencies

Undervalued cryptocurrencies are cryptos with low market capitalization. Plus, lots of improvements listed on the road map. Crucial road map milestones may include Beta Version launch, announcement of partnerships, Alpha Version launch, key feature improvements, etc. Keep an eye on the company’s twitter and telegram account to not miss out on any huge news.

#3 No Hyped up cryptocurrencies

TRON is a recent example of a cryptocurrency that cost many people a lot of money. The huge partnership announcement skyrocketed the price for several days and bringing it back to where it had started just a few days after the moonshot. This example taught us an important lesson: Never invest in something hyped up. Buy low and sell high.

#4 Strategy

The best crypto tips 2018 I can give you includes to have an entry and exit point for any holding or trade. You must determine your profit target before you get into the trade. Don’t budge – stick to it! In case your goal is to reach a 500% ROI on ICOS then get out once the price increased by 500%.

#5 Watch the news

Keep an eye on what’s going on in the world. We’ve seen how FUD but also real news such as cryptocurrency bans can lead to panic sells and worldwide panic. You may find good buy and sell opportunities.