Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies: Which Strategies Work Best with Crypto!? 👊

Which trading strategies work best with Crypto Currencies? PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! In my opinion you have to treat crypto currencies just as you would any other market; you need at what’s driving it, you need to look at the technicals and patterns and importantly you need to look at the risk. But what is the best way to approach crypto currencies – whichever one you choose to trade?

What are some good strategies for trading cryptocurrencies? We put things into two categories

— Technical trading – you either trade with the trend so you’re looking for a continuation of the move i.e. momentum or you’re trading mean reversion. As such we have traditional breakouts and trend pullbacks.
The key is timing pullbacks – do we use moving averages on charts, do we wait for a double bottom on that chart, do we use a percentage of the move – all those different ways we can do it.
— Fundamentals – Crowd Behaviour, News Flow and Valuation – we know its very difficult to value a crypto currency so this is relative. These cryptos are very much driven on sentiment and newsflow.