Investing in Cryptocurrency – tips from Justin Bons CyberCapital

Investing in cryptocurrency – get the tips from Justin Bons, Co-founder and CIO at CyberCapital

Bitcoin – the sixth bubble already? How to invest and gain profit?

In today’s episode Stan will tell you about two ways of investing – independently and through funds. And Cyber Capital Co-founder and CIO Justin Bons will share some exclusive insights about the work of the crypto fund, the risk market and ”bubble” pattern in the cryptocurrency industry.

Cyber Capital is one of those respective funds, which specializes in cryptoassets. It supports cryptocurrency with real use, and the largest holdings of the fund are DASH coin and BCH.

Justin speaks of the governance mechanisms of DASH and its master nodes as well as of the investment strategy of CyberCapital.

Justin dreams of bulls to come back to the crypto market. And what would you ask Crypto Santa for? Write in the comments.

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