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33 Home Decorating Trends to Try in 2018

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    The Best Home Decor Trends

    We love pouring over the latest décor trends, so we know it is easy to buy into buzzy choices that made you cringe a few years later (RIP chevron prints). So how do you avoid dropping serious cash on the next sponge painted wall or worse, avocado appliance? To help you future-proof your décor, we separated the best bets from the faddish by naming the best decorating trends worth trying in 2018.

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    Moody Interior Paint Colors

    Yes, white walls are timeless, but if you have grown tired of your all-white interior, perhaps it is time to go much darker.

    One of our favorite interior paint colors of the year is called Black Flame — a beautiful blend of navy and black that puts the spotlight on décor just like white walls.

    A gorgeous example is this space we cannot stop looking at on The Interiors Edit. To keep a room from feeling too moody, we suggest using the color in sun-drenched areas.

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    Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

    Two-toned kitchen cabinets have been growing in popularity, but the trend has evolved by incorporating bleached wood with a vibrant paint color as shown in this modern farmhouse kitchen by Blakes London.

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    Geometric Decor

    Geometric accents are getting bolder and more colorful. For the adventuresome, one of our favorite ways to add geometry to a home is with a chromatic accent wall as shown in this splashy living roomby Emily Lister Interiors.

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    Decorative Fringe

    Fringe trim is a flirty touch typically reserved for blankets, pillows, and rugs. But now the fringy goodness does not end there. You can expect furniture, light fixtures, and even mirrors as shown in this lovely entryway by Studio Lifestyle​, to be sporting decorative fringe or sculptural fibers.

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    Colorful Kitchens

    Adding a big dose of color to a cooking space is the next big thing when it comes to giving neutral kitchens a more personal twist.

    In this granny flat designed by Vidal Design Collaborative, a lavender kitchen island spices things up.

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    Warm Color Schemes

    Minimalism still rules. But to make spaces like these feel more inviting cool color schemes are being edged out by earthy brown hues as shown in this Paris apartment decorated by Marion Alberge.

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    Stone Sinks

    If you are updating your kitchen, you may want to rethink that stainless steel or white ceramic sink. A stone sink brings organic appeal with a dash of old-world style to contemporary cooking spaces.

    A stunning for instance is this soapstone sink in a kitchen designed by JAS Design Build. No worries about cleaning because soapstone stands up to most household cleaners.

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    Velvet Furniture

    Updating a room with velvet furniture is an elegant way to transition your décor to 2018. This living room by Domus Nova gets it right with velvet sofas in two of the year’s favorite hues: purple and fuschia.

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    Ceiling Wallpaper

    wallpaper on the ceiling



    Using wallpaper to create a feature wall is not a new thing, but now people are expressing their individuality at home by wallpapering their ceilings. Our favorite example is this New York City micro apartment featured on 6sqft.

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    Vintage Lighting

    The modern farmhouse trend is driving the craving for vintage lighting. But we are not talking about Edison bulbs. These days old-timey copper pendants are in demand particularly in places where task lighting is needed like over this kitchen island by Blakes London.

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    Concrete Fireplace

    Concrete is no longer a humble building material. Built-in features like this chic concrete fireplace by Sharon Taftian Interior Design meld practical function with enduring style.

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    Concrete Furniture

    There are more ways concrete will be popping up in homes in the form of decorative features from DIY countertops to stone-like furniture. In this living room spotted on Fantastic Frank, a concrete top coffee table adds cool, industrial style.

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    Trough Sink

    Trough sinks are becoming a must in spaces where bigger basins make getting things clean more manageable in shared bathrooms or laundry rooms. Case in point, this family style washroom by Godrich Interiors.


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    Minimalist Bedroom

    Bedrooms will be meant for sleeping and not for watching Netflix or falling into the social media rabbit hole. To make the place where you rest more relaxing stick to a minimalist-themed space in neutral colors as shown in this bedroom by interior designer Marion AlBerge. To get you into the sleep zone faster, top off your bed with luxuriously soft sheets and extra cozy knitted blankets.

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    Geometric Tile

    Move over white subway tile because monochromatic backsplashes will be getting more intricate with bold, geometric patterns. In this kitchen we caught a glimpse of on ACME RE, black, triangle-shaped tiles turn a backsplash into an eye-popping feature wall.

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    Sun Bleached Wood

    The weathered gray wood trend is officially dead. These days sun-bleached wood in soothing brown tones is quickly becoming the overall favorite.

    Here, sun-bleached wood cabinets bring warmth and texture to this ​living room seen on IKEA Ideas.

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    Natural Furnishing

    And speaking of wood, technology overload may be driving you to crave more natural elements throughout your home. If that is the case, consider surrounding yourself with wooden pieces that are both pragmatic and stylish like these rugged bar stools and live edge wood countertop shown in this kitchen by The Novogratz.

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    Bold Colors

    Pops of intense hues will be making life at home more colorful. This splashy sofa in a room by Sally Wheat Interiors takes the edge of the black walls with bursts of bold color.

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    Wabi-Sabi Style

    wabi sabi decor mindset



    It is finally time to stop obsessing over your home décor by embracing wabi-sabi style. It is a philosophy with roots in Japan that finds beauty in simple, natural things that are imperfect and timeworn. In this welcoming home by Jute, woven items including baskets and shelves made from fibrous materials add a comforting, wabi-sabi touch.

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    Vintage Brass Fixtures

    Polished brass fixtures from faucets to lighting have been trendy for quite some time, but now these shiny accessories are starting to look stale or worse, cheap. To freshen things up consider vintage brass accents with a pretty patina. The timeworn fixtures in this powder room by Vidal Design Collaborativeadd plenty of character.

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    Red Furniture

    Warm color schemes are having a big moment, so now is the time to spice up your cool-toned décor with something red. In this apartment by LLI Design, a crimson sofa offsets the gray kitchen.

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    Terrazzo is the New Marble




    Yes, marble is king because it is both sophisticated and classic. But soon the favorite stone may be dethroned by colorful terrazzo. It is a durable composite material that just like marble is perfect for countertops, backsplashes, and floors. Even better, terrazzo is available in an unlimited range of drool-worthy colors.

    This colorful kitchen by Dzek features a proprietary terrazzo called Marmoreal.

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    Metallic Home Decor

    Metallics are taking center stage as shimmery furniture or lustrous wallpaper that anchors a space. This hand-painted floral wallpaper by Graham Brown is a pitch-perfect case that adds shine and sparkle to a small living room.

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    Pleasant Pink

    Move over millennial pink and rose quartz, there is a new pale, blush color to consider and it is called pleasant pink. As shown in the studio apartment by Varpunen the shade is a dusty take on the first mentioned hues.

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    Neutral Blue

    While white walls are timeless, they can feel monotonous. That is why our ears pricked up when we heard about the hottest paint color, neutral blue. The shade is a beautiful blend of blue and gray. In this charming living room by Vidal Design Collaborative, the refreshing wall color evokes a peaceful feeling.

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    Live Like a Swede

    Lagom is a lifestyle concept from Sweden, which focuses on living with less stress by striking the right balance in every aspect of life. Using beautiful greenery to add a calming and peaceful vibe to your home as shown in this space by Alvhem Makleri is 100 percent aligned with the Lagom philosophy.


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    Mustard Yellow Accents

    Another warm color for enlivening décor is mustard yellow. Here a chair in one of the hues of the year perks up a living room in a Paris apartment by interior designer Marion Alberge.

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    Mini Subway Tile

    Mini subway tiles are reversing the large-format wall tile trend with fun-size styles that start at around two inches wide.

    Diminutive tiles like these are ideal for small spaces like this tiny kitchen featured on Fantastic Frank where standard-size subway tiles may feel overwhelming.

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    Iridescent Accents

    iridescent tiles


     Muy Yum

    Iridescent accents will be brightening our homes with lustrous colors. Tiny tiles in pearly shades as shown in this bathroom photographed by Muy Yum is a pretty way to incorporate this mermaid-inspired trend.

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    Storage as Decor

    Most small space dwellers will agree that storage can double as attractive décor. In this bedroom decorate by Grace Made, a pipe clothing rack (in the left corner) is a practical item that makes an elegant statement.

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    Bold Typography

    As a trend, typography is sticking around but not in the form of cutesy chalkboard signs or wordy wall art. Single words or short, bold expressions as shown in this wall hanging in a New York City home by interior designer Tamara Magel will be all the rage.

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    Colorful Patterns

    Curtains, pillows and other decorative accents in lively patterns and colorful prints will be bringing plenty of pizazz to living spaces. This living room in a home by Vidal Design Collaborative nails the trend without feeling too fussy.

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    Worn Leather Furniture

    A cozy element that will be making living spaces homier is worn leather furniture in soothing shades of caramel or cognac. This sofa in a home decorated by the duo behind Studio McGee is topped off with colorful pillows for visual interest.