How many old T-shirts do you have at home? I think I have 5 T-shirts that I don’t wear. Why not turn them into something cool and surprise your friends and family with your creativity? Today, I prepared for you a few awesome DIY T-shirt ideas that are cheap and easy to do at home.

A DIY T-shirt can be a cool part of your everyday look or can become an amazing present for your friend. Nothing shows your love and affection better than a present made by yourself. Check out these awesome crafts ideas:

Turn a boring tank top into an amazing and romantic one. All you need is scissors and a lacy ribbon. This is how a clothes designer career may start! Let your imagination and creativity run wild by turning half a tank top into a tricky piece of lace! Ask your parents to help you with sewing and enjoy the result.

For the following craft, you’ll need a piece of stretchy string. Put it into the waistline of a T-shirt and restyle the sleeves as it is shown in the video. Enjoy your new style – a plain T-shirt transformed into a romantic top just by the power of your creativity.

Make your T-shirt rock with a handful of pins and a piece of black string – it looks extremely cool if put together. Try yourself and see! You’ll need special pliers for this DIY.

A piece of ordinary ribbon may help to restyle a boring tank top just the way you want it. Follow our recommendation or do it as you see it – you’re the chief designer here!

The following craft is for the brave ones! Are you ready to hit the city streets to look for some inspiration? You may find it in the most unexpected place – under your feet! Use a drain cover as a cool urban stamp for your T-shirt.

If you soiled your white T-shirt with a drink, don’t worry. You can always use a black marker and some imagination – turn your T-shirt into a map or whatever you see in those spots.

You can turn an old T-shirt into a cool net cape – make sure not to miss this awesome trick in the video. All you need is an old T-shirt and sharp scissors. Ask your parents to help you with cutting the T-shirt into straight strips.

Fidget spinners are also useful when it comes to creating awesome prints on T-shirts. Use a couple of spinners and liquid paint and see what happens.

If you have a lot of really old T-shirts, don’t rush to throw them away! You can upcycle them into a cool and cozy rug.

Have you ever heard of tie-dye? You should try this awesome way of painting fabric. The result is always unpredictable. Tell me in the comments if it worked out for you.

What if I say that you need only a pair of tights and an embroidery hoop to make a cute stamp on your shirt?

There are numerous ways of restyling and upgrading boring T-shirts and you can see many of them in this video!


3:18 – Rock’n’Roll T-shirt
6:50 – Spinner painting
11:21 – Transfer any image to your T-shirt
15:42 – DIY glow in the dark print

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