3 Easy DIY Summer T Shirt Ideas – Cutouts, Racerback, Butterfly Twist | Chictopia

To help kick off summer season, we decided to show you how we are dressing this summer with 3 Easy DIY Summer T Shirt Ideas. These are three super simple ideas that will help turn a white t shirt, like the ones we used from Uniqlo, into a cute top. If Corinne, our DIY virgin, can do it, so can you!

First DIY: Triangle Cut Outs

1. Turn the shirt inside out.
2. Mark out the triangle cut outs with chalk or something that won’t stain the shirt
3. Make a snip in the middle of the triangle, and then just cut out along the lines
4. Give a tug to the fabric so that the cut outs curl over

Second DIY: Metal Tie

1. Turn shirt inside out
2. Make two parallel lines down the middle, and then make wide curves out to the sleeve holes and towards the shoulders (like a racerback shirt would look)
3. Cut out these sections ONLY FROM THE BACKSIDE
4. Give a good tug
5. Take a length of wire, and fold it over twice. Then twist the wire down the length of the razorback

Third DIY: Butterfly Tie

1. Turn shirt inside out
2. Make the shirt into a muscle tee by cutting off the sleeves
3. Make it a scoop neck by cutting out the neckline
4. Cut down the length of one side of the shirt along the hem
5. Twist the back of the shirt so that there is a twist in the back, but the shoulders match up again
6. Sew together along the side of the shirt

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