3 SUPER EASY Ways To Transform Your Boring White T-Shirt : DIY Style File

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Few things beat a classic white t-shirt. http://goo.gl/KyHOvO Throw on with a pair of jeans, wedges, a statement neckpiece, and viola you are good to go just about anywhere and everywhere! Best of all, white tees are such a staple! I am sure you have old t-shirts in the closet you don’t need any more, why not revamp, renovate and recycle those t-shirts into wondrous DIY tops. You will NOT regret it!

I will show you three delightful yet easy step-by-step DIY ideas in this tutorial; they are stylish and just about perfect for spring/ summer!


Step 1:
Take your old white t-shirt and a string, pinch the center of the tee and tie four concentric circles as shown in the video!

Step 2:
Next, take a bowl of water. Pour any acrylic color of your choice, empty the paint bottle into the water. Mix well and dip your tee into it.

Step 3:
By the time, the t-shirt soaks in the water. Take another small bowl of water; pour the entire content of the food color into it. Mix and keep aside. As you can see, I choose pink fabric color and red food color.

Step 4:
Take the tee and pour the food color liquid at the tied up points. Leave it for 15 min max.

Tadaaa! Now cut the strings and see the magic unfold.


Step 1:
Take a large enough potato to accommodate the cutter. Keep aside.

Step 2:
Place the cookie cutter with the cutting side up, centre the potato over the cutter, pressing the cutter at least half inch into the potato.

Step 3:
Cut the extra potato flesh away from the cutter using a knife. Pull the cutter out once done.

Step 4
Use this stamp and the color of your choice to create cute repeats on your plain White t-shirt.

Tip : Don’t forget to place a paper in between the t-shirt.


Step 1:
Using a pencil draw an outline of any desired shape. I choose a heart shape. It is easy and super cut.

Step 2:
Take a macramé cord and pull until the ends become loose and frizzy as shown in the video.

Step 3:
Pour and spread fabric glue in the shape drawn on the white t-shirt.

Step 4:
Stick the opened up chord randomly filling up the space. Drop the glitter powder to fill the spaces in between.

Here the heart is all done! Let us talk about the tassels now!

Step 5:
Cut thin strips vertically upto 5 inches from the base and pull each tassel until elongated.

I hope you have enjoyed the video guys, make sure to tweet a picture if you trying any of these ideas and leave a comment as to which DIY T-shirt was your favorite! Hope you have fun doing it! Stay pretty! I will see you in my next video!

PS – If you have any questions, doubts about the steps, be sure to leave us a note in the comments or mail us at hello@violetstreet.com! Thankyouuu!

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