All your clothes look boring and we are ready to help you to transform old clothes into something cool. Save a lot of money and reuse your old clothes or turn into something really fashionable.
You will learn how to dye your boring t-shirts. Tie dye print is back! It’s a top trend this season. Learn how to dye an old or boring t-shirt with our step by step tutorials. You can use different techniques of dying and also fabric paint of a more natural way as a food coloring. Let’s make a spiral print together! Place your t-shirt on a flat surface and pinch the fabric at the center and twist to make a spiral shape. You can use a fork to get the spiral; shape. Bind spiral with 3 rubbers as we show in our tutorial. Your t-shirt will be divided into 6 parts like a cake. Cover the t-shirt with bleach and wait a bit. Next, cover every part of with different color and dry. Remove rubber bands. Ready!
We have more awesome ideas on how to renew your old clothes. You can easily transform your boyfriend’s t-shirt into a crop top and a skirt, watch our tutorial! Use laces to turn an ordinary tank top into the fancy top. You can use the spinner to make a cool print on your t-shirt. Cut your old t-shirt and make a cute bathroom mat that will cost you a penny. One more cool idea is to make a backpack out of an old t-shirt. Fringing a boring t-shirt is a cheap and easy way to create a new look. Firstly, mark where that fringe will start and cut your t-shirt. The main idea is that fringe lines should be of the same size. Knot the fringes: take two neighboring strips and knot them. Do this for all the strips on your shirt. Ready!

00:09 Reuse your boyfriend’s t-shirts
06:32 Fancy top idea
09:20 DIY Fringed t-shirt
10:50 T-shirts with unique prints
14:40 Tie dye technique

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