45+ DIY Ideas How to Refashion T-Shirts for Summer

There are 45+ super easy ways how to refashion T-Shirts for summer including no sew ways to refashion a T-shirt and DIY refashion T shirt tutorials such as:
1. A plenty of cutting too big t shirts ideas to make them cute and wearable.
2. Easy refashion old T-shirt to tank top and DIY halter top from old t shirt tutorials.
3. DIY no sew T-shirt refashion ideas.
4. Cool and stylish DIY corset tee tutorial step by step.
5. DIY choker T-shirt reconstruction.
6. Cut-up workout T-shirts in several easy ways.
7. DIY fringed T-shirt projects including DIY fringe top from old tee DIY fringe vest made out of old T-shirt.
8. Cute DIY tied T-shirt projects including DIY shoulder tied T-shirt, no sew side and shoulder tied shirt, back tied T-shirt, DIY side tie top.
9. DIY ripped back tee.
10. DIY braided back T-shirt tutorial.
Get inspired to DIY refashion your old tee to new ones!

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