DIY Clothes! Fringe Crop Top + Print Your Own T-shirt (Graphic Tee) no Sew!

DIY Fashion Clothes! Howt to Fringe Crop Top + How to Print your own T-shirt at Home (Graphic Elephant Print) – Easy! no Sew!
DIY Clothes tutorial. In this DIY fashion tutorial I show how to create a beautiful fringe crop top with a DIY graphic elephant print, from a old t-shit. It’s a perfect DIY clothes tutorial for warm summer days.
This video is the forth from my t-shirt DIY project series. If you have old t-shirts in the closet you don’t need anymore why not revamp, recycle, renovate, DIY those clothes into awesome DIY tops. I’ll show you a cute and easy step by step DIY crop top idea in this tutorial. Extremely fashionable and perfect DIY for spring, summer or even beginning of fall!

STEP 1 – I start this DIY Tutorial by taking a plain white old t-shirt and cutting off the sleeves and the neck turning it into a t-shirt tank next I cut out many strips at the bottom of the t-shirt using a pair of scissors to form the fringe then I tide two rows of knots creating a pretty cool affect on the fringe (It’s a little extra work but you’ll see it’s worthy after you are done)

STE 2 – For the DIY elephant graphic print on the t-shirt I’m using “iron-on fabric transfer paper” (I got it at walmart for 7 dollars, you can also find it at craft stores) besides that you will need a good quality printer and a iron. Start by finding the image you want to use for the graphic print, I found mine by googleing the words “ethnic elephant”. Once you find the image print it onto the transfer paper make sure to follow the directions that comes with the transfer paper. Set your iron on the highest cotton setting and iron on the image onto the t-shirt and after that you are done.
You will a great DIY fringe crop top, so cute and different than anything you can find at stores. Have fun doing it! Stay pretty! I’ll see you on my next video! 🙂