DIY T-Shirt ideas inspired by Tumblr | Easy & Cute graphic tees (3 ways)

Hey guys!! I’ve seen some really cute graphic tees in my Tumblr dashboard recently, but ordering them online can get a little bit pricey, especially with the shipping so I decided to make them myself.

They were all really cheap and easy to make and I really love the final result so now I will show you how I made them.

For this first design you will need:
A black t-shirt, adhesive paper, white fabric paint, an exacto knife, and a sponge or brush.
First choose the quote you are going to use and decide the font and the size. Then, print it out on the adhesive paper.
Then cut out the letters with the exacto knife. Be extra careful with this step and take your time. You will also have to cut the inside part of some letters.
Then stick the stencil on your shirt. Use the cut out letter to know where the inside parts go.
The next step is, of course, to paint your t-shirt. I started using the sponge but I realized it wasn’t the best option so I switch to the brush and it was a lot better.
I painted two coats to make sure it was opaque and let it dry for three hours. Then I remove all the paper and I used a black permanent marker to correct any mistake so my design was neat.
And that’s it!

For my second design you will need: a white top, a pencil and a fabric marker.
First, you will need to draw you design with the pencil until you are happy with the result. If it’s your first time doing this, choose a simple design. I chose a heart with the word love on the side.
Then go over your design with the fabric marker. Depending on the marker you may need to fix the ink with the iron so make sure you follow exactly the instructions of your marker. Then wash it to remove the pencil marks and you will have your very own DIY shirt.

For the last tee you will need: A white shirt, and some transfer paper.
Start off by choosing the design you want to use. In my case, I searched this heart on Google images. Then print it out. The instructions of my paper said that I have to print the mirrored image. Cut you design leaving a few millimeters of edge. Place the paper with the picture facing down on the shirt and iron it for a couple of minutes
Wait 10 minutes, pill off the paper and your shirt will be finished!

So I hope you enjoyed this video and find it useful, make sure to tweet me a picture if you try any of these and leave any video request in the comment section.

Thanks for watching!!