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Tshirt pinting business ideas. How to start a T-Shirt printing business. Small Business ideas like Tshirt printing is a low cost business ideas that is very profitable. Here is some tips that can help you start your own Tshirt printing business.

T-shirt Printing Business Ideas

Step 1. Find a T shirt Supplier ( Wholesaler ) for your T shirt Printing Business.

Step 2. Buy a T shirt Heat press Machine

Costing for your T shirt Printing Business Ideas.

T shirt – 100 PCs = 100 Pesos/PC
Heat Press = 10,000 Pesos
Additional Cost for Printer, papers, Inks, etc =5000 Pesos

T shirt 100 pcs = 10,000
Heat Pres machine = 10,000
Add COst = 5,000
Total Cost = 25,000 Pesos